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About Palia Notebook

Palia Notebook is an Android mobile companion app, meant to be used while playing the MMO game, Palia, produced by Singularity Six. Palia contains a delightful collection of NPCs that you can befriend with daily in-game chats and gifts. Palia Notebook helps you keep track of your interactions with each NPC. You can also generate a task list for collecting gifts for your NPCs and other game quests. When you pick up an item, you can even search for that item in the app and find which NPCs may be interested in it.

Social Tracker

The Social Tracker contains a list of all NPCs in one place. A short notation is made by each NPC name after you have gifted or chatted with them. If you are particularly interested in one or more NPCs, you can choose to "track" them. This separates them from the rest of the NPCs. You can sort names alphabetically or in reverse alphabetical order. You can also filter them by NPCs who have not yet been chatted with or gifted. Together, all these features make it very quick and easy to identify the NPCs that you may want to focus on.

Liked Items

Each NPCs is identified with a list of the items that they always like to receive and how many of those items you have indicated you have in your inventory. This makes it really easy to get a list of gifts together for all your NPCs. Likewise, when viewing the information about a particular item, you can see which NPCs have requested it and which NPCs may just like it.


You can generate a list of tasks that you need to complete in Palia. Tasks can be named automatically from the item and/or gift that you attach to it, or you can make up your own tasks. You can also define other existing tasks as requirements, creating a task hierarchy that makes it easy to figure out which tasks to perform first. If a task is completed that has a gift attached to it, your NPC info is automatically updated to indicate tha they have been gifted.

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