these are playback and record sweeps on a couple channels of the poofygoof studios Otari MX-5050. the repro sweeps are from playback of an MRL NAB calibration tape.

Jay McKnight from MRL suggested I try switching a channel from NAB to IEC and see how it performed, so I did. The extra lines on repiec4.png indicate corrections to turn an NAB cal tape into an IEC one, within a +/- 0.25dB window. I could probably dial in better with more tweaks, but I wanted a quick indicator of whether or not IEC would help me. Looking at the pseudo-IEC calibrated reciec4.png versus the NAB-calibrated record4.png it looks like I'd do well to get an IEC calibration tape. It should be noted that the biasing is identical between these two curves -- the only variable is the record and playback EQ.

sweeps were made with the help of Audio Precision's now obsolete System One test box.

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