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<k8to> tfinn: it seems like you desire your software to do less when less is equivalent to more

<basehead> im feeling tfinny today
<basehead> i want to get some old computers working
<basehead> want to get my C64 out of storage

Aaron's outside of time or maybe ahead of his time - the time for braids and engineering hats is yet to arrive, but ...those will be glorious days! -- Kim Raymoure

Sun Feb 18 13:54:29 PST 2007

The Mix Tape is Dying.

Thu Sep 7 22:33:48 PDT 2006

Ahh, looks like the NetBSD ruckus was partly a fallout by Charles Hannum losing developer access to the NetBSD source tree on Sep 1, 2006. It seems all too coincidental...

Thu Sep 7 21:55:20 PDT 2006

A lot of smack-talking in NetBSD-land in the last few weeks, starting with a post by Charles Hannum pronouncing that "The NetBSD Project has stagnated to the point of irrelevance". It's extremely rantish and pulling the "BSD is dead" trolls out of the woodwork, but hopefully it will serve a point to kick any remaining NetBSD developers into action.

I personally have to admit being a bit surprised that Geode GX3-based boards were not supported by NetBSD considering how popular these seem to be getting. Even more surprising was the lack of interest my post generated.

Maybe I should give up and run some linux variant, except that support continues to be poor for a lot of my older hardware. Maybe I should get rid of that half of my hardware...

Old workstations get no respect.

Tue Aug 29 21:07:25 PDT 2006

sparcstation 2 from 1990? check.

decstation 5000/240 from 1992? check.

sparcstation 20 from 1994? check.

alpha 1000A from 1996? check.

welcome to the 90s.

the old cranky computers keep getting older, but some of them refuse to get cranky.

I take a lot more photographs than I post, due to the time involved in scanning and postprocessing. some stuff ends up at my poofygoof deviantart pages, but I'm usually too busy tending the old boxes or brewing to spend much time there.

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