After composing as The Finn for many years, I got to a point where I felt like I was merely trying to find form for the same song repeatedly. This is most exemplified by ``Ixian Dreams'' and its followup, ``Please make it better!'', both of which follow similar motives. Shortly after the release of these two songs, tracking began a slow departure from my life as college, a girlfriend, and numerous other people and things vied for my attention and time.
In 2001 I kicked the dust off my tracker and entered a song as The Finn for the Coma demoparty. It is still very Finn-like, which comes as a mixed-blessing. Obviously I still have a knack for cheezy demo music, but can I do more? That's where the Octothorp project comes in...
see my gear page for an idea of what I'm working with now.
Demodulate -- Andy Voss (Phoenix) has been kind enough to offer demomusic in its original digital form for easy listening.
The Dennis Courtney Five -- DC5 makes demos, releases music, and has more than five members. like an enigma wrapped inside a tortilla glued to a crunchy shell with refried beans.
Basehead -- Dan Gardopee's kick-ass mods. What more to say?
not sure what else to stick in here... yet... it is still kind of freaking me out that people are visiting my pages after years of inactivity and brokenness. if people keep bugging me about page maintenance, it's within the realm of possibility that this could expand into something nicer...

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