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    My childhood experience with instant cameras was limited to Spectra and possibly SX-70 cameras; watching the prints from these cameras always fascinated me, but the colors always seemed "milky" to me and I never thought about them as serious tools. With the advent of digital cameras, why bother with expensive film?

In early 2004, I discovered a long-neglected Polaroid model 100 automatic Land camera on a shelf at work. I'd never seen pack film before, and decided to do some research. I discovered that the model 100 was kind of an ur-camera, one of the earliest pack film cameras, and that film was still available.

Aside from some experimentations with 20+ year expired 107 film, I decided to purchase a few packs of new 667 and take photos at the Pilgrimage 2004 demo party. I'm quite taken with the results, and developed a fondness for this quirky peel-apart instant film.

Shown here are some photographic experiments done with various films, with the Polaroid Land Camera automatic models 100 and 350. Keep in mind that the actual size of these photos is 3.4" x 4.3", so viewing the full-size pictures on a 17"+ monitor will make the photos appear quite a bit more grainy than normal.

I also have some difficulty in scanning these properly; I can fiddle with settings, but the results just don't look quite the same as the originals in the computer. I'm not sure yet if the limitation is in my scanner, or the monitor. The whole experience makes me want to seek out photo galleries and look at actual prints.

There seem to be quite a lot of sites dedicated to integral-film SX-70 work, but I can't find many of packfilm work. Anybody doing packfilm work is encouraged to email me.

Someone on a newsgroup pointed me to Philippe Moroux' Kallitype postcards, which are not only clever, but exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. While not quite polaroids, they are "instant" in a sense.

Four Designs across the river in Vancouver, WA, does conversions of older polaroid rollfilm cameras (110A/B) to packfilm. One of these days I'll need to go pester them.

Mattias Wandel mounted blueprint paper in his old polaroid to make Blueprint Photos which are fairly interesting.

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    night trees on 40th st.
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    669 Polacolor test
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    Trip to Mt. Tabor

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